The ability to be in alignment with the compatible Real Estate Brokerages to your company.

  • Quality Brokerages means consumer satisfaction
  • Quality Leadership means associate retention
  • Better brokerage mean satisfied Banks and Asset Managers

Ambitious Realtors and Pre-Approved Customers need quality facilities and informed leadership.

Week 1: Broker Only Forum 

Role of the Administrator

We are entering an opportunistic cycle of market expansion in real estate. In order to capitalize fully on the opportunity you want to expand the pool of talent aligned with your brokerage. Here we show you proven methods that will do just that.

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Week 2: Broker Only Forum 

Recruitment Presentations

Recruitment Presentations are a key component to the success of any Brokerage. It is imperative to have an organized presentation of compelling arguments as to why this Agent at this time should entrust their livelihood to you and your brokerage. Find out all of the necessary steps to a successful recruitment appointment.

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Week 3: Broker Only Forum 

New Hire Orientation

You made a successful Recruitment Presentation and the Agent is ready to sign up.  The orientation is a very important piece of the retention puzzle. Imprinting the new agent into the culture of your Brokerage makes the transition that for so many is so painful less stressful and helps the honeymoon period that an agent goes through last longer and all but eliminates the “buyer’s remorse” that many agents have upon making a move.

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Week 4: Broker Only Forum 

Managing Associate Satisfaction

Associate Level Satisfaction will assist you both in Recruiting and Retention.  When an agent truly believes and feels that the Brokerage, i.e. YOU, cares about what they think they are more likely to stay with you.  The Associate Level Satisfaction Survey described in this training module walks you through all the steps that make your Associates understand that you are present, listening, and always trying to make their place of business better, and they will tell their friends…

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Week 5: Broker Only Forum 

Managing Agent Level Communication

Great Communication is the key to any relationship, and it holds true for the Brokerage Agent as well.  Managing your agent level communication in an efficient and constant manner make your agents feel like they are a part of something that is bigger than themselves. They are more likely to be a proactive member of your team as you communicate with them regularly.  This training module explains efficient ways to communicate the pertinent information needed to run a productive, profitable Brokerage.

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Week 6: Broker Only Forum 

Agent Awards and Recognition

Everybody likes a pat on the back, and the same holds true for Top Producers.  These Agents are the ones that everyone aspires to be.  In this training module you are taught how to host a Awards and recognition ceremony as well as which awards to give out.  We explain that not only should those Associates who are at the top of their game be recognized but many other awards to get everyone involved.  The true recruitment and retention key is “culture” and this is just one more way to help create just that.

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