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Home Study

​​​​Home Study


1.  Choose a property where you have access and cooperation from the owner to complete all areas of the staging analysis (Occupied Single Family homes provide the best opportunity for learning)

2. Print your RESE Staging Workbook.

Rese Staging Workbook Download

3. You will need a pen, a highlighter and a digital camera (required)

4. Begin at the street and review all areas of the curb appeal impressions

5. Take photos and write suggestion for each of your professional insights

6. Highlight the impression areas which could have the highest return on investment of time and or money. Remember to make a financial estimation of the cost of implementing your suggestion.

7. Continue through each impression area of the property until you have completed the entire home.

8. In the event that there is a room or impression area not reflected in the workbook attach an additional notes page and use the previous impression areas and observations to draw conclusions which effect this area.

9. Summarize and PRIORITIZE your suggestions in one concise list

10. Add a range for the cost of each suggestion. Most RESE Professionals use the Do it yourself estimate vs. the hiring a handyman estimate to illustrate a wide range of cost estimates.

11. Compile all of your photographs, notes, highlights, priorities and estimates of cost into one clean and orderly report.

12. Some RESE Professionals use the workbook others use their own report format or PowerPoint to organize their report.

13. It is not necessary to perform or complete the staging suggestions. We are only asking that you demonstrate your aptitude to make suggestions which are cost effective to increase sales price and reduce days on market.

14. Submit in Adobe PDF or PPTX format by scanning, printing or publishing your report.

15. You may use drop box or a compressed zip file if the material exceeds email capacity.

16. Email your completed homework to