Four Weeks of Marketing  ~  Four Weeks of Social Media  ~  Four Weeks of E-mails to Agents  ~  Four Weeks of Texts to Agents

Four Weeks of Inviting Broker Owners  ~  Four Weeks of Institutional Branding  ~  Four Weeks of Goodwill

All Centered around one Lunch & Learn, but they will remember the consistency of the marketing whether they attend or not.

Your Complete Package for Pet Friendly!

We have provided everything you need to promote your event four weeks in advance!
Change your social media banner ads on all platforms for the month.
Schedule your posts for not less than 3 times per week.
    Email to Real Estate Agents and Brokers once (or twice) per week.
Text to Real Estate Agents and Brokers once per week.

Complete instructions on how to set up and use Eventbrite
$199 Service Fee to Set Up 6 Personalized Eventbrite pages
which you can use over and over, by just changing the date. 
Call 1.800.299.WORX (9679)  or Email:                

Event Flyer
Facebook Header
LinkedIn Header
Twitter Header
Social Media Posts
Emails and Texts
2 Minute Teacher Script
Event Flyer

Use this Flyer to market yourself and your event.

The value of the marketing is not (solely) attendance but making an impression. Marketing is about creating an association for you and AnnieMac to a belief. The belief that we are building is that you and AnnieMac are helpful to REALTORS® and different than other Mortgage Banks. You are changing their mind about you and AnnieMac. Drop these flyers off at Brokerages.  Visit the board of Realty. Bring them to REALTOR® events.

Facebook Header

Change your Facebook Header Four Weeks prior to your event.

When you change your header on Facebook they notify all of your contacts. So it's one of the easiest ways to get the word out. We provide a new Facebook header for each event. Another great opportunity for you is to "paraphrase" the content of the header in quick posts with your Eventbrite Registration Link. You should begin to think of your event marketing as the Good Year Blimp flying over "the REALTOR® stadium". You want them to see you and your upcoming events everywhere they look. It won't annoy them, it will impress them!

LinkedIn Header

LinkedIn attracts Broker Owners and Mortgage Professionals.

As a rule, LinkedIn is business to business so Broker Owners, Sales Managers and MLO recruit candidates will likely notice your initiative. Consider inviting them personally to your event. Tell them you would like their opinion. Ask a Broker Owner or Recruit candidate to evaluate the event for you. See if the Broker Owner, Sales Manager or Recruit candidate might want to "white label" any or all of the events to him/her brand.

Twitter Header

Twitter is about brief communication to your REALTORS®.

Consider scheduling a daily tweet about your upcoming event. Just use one of the bullets in this header to formulate a sentence from your own perspective. "I have watched REALTORS® LIST houses just because of the Pet-Friendly Designation, please consider joining me for a half hour next week." When you start to advocate and tweet from the heart REALTORS® will  pay attention. Remember we want to surprise and delight them with all of the incredible things you and AnnieMac do for REALTORS®. We need to be consistent.

Social Media Posts

Using Denim Social is easier than you think.

AnnieMac Home Mortgage offers Originators an enterprise level Social Media scheduling service called Denim Social. You can sit down for an hour and create months worth of content. Simply paraphrase the bullets and value propositions in the campaign to attract more attention in your market. Sample: REALTORS® are using their Pet-Friendly Designation to open up conversations, build rapport and save commission dollars; please spend 30 minutes with me to discover how we can work together more closely in 2023. add Eventbrite registration link.

Emails and Texts

Keep your Emails Short and your Texts even shorter

Please consider joining me for this important REALTOR® Lunch. 

Seating is limited, please let me know if you can attend this 30 minute get together.

I am hoping you can make it to this REALTOR® orientation.

Everything we offer is FREE to REALTORS® and I am excited to share it with you.

Maybe we could talk today and I can explain exactly what The Pet-Friendly Real Estate Agent Designation is all about.

 Always attach your Eventbrite Registration Link 

2 Minute Teacher Script

AnnieMac Worx for You Videos are great but yours are better.

We expect you to be the Social Media Influencer in your Mortgage Market. Ask yourself, will this stage be held  by my competition or will I be the Social Media Influencer in my mortgage market? Everyone is intimidated by camera time and video messaging. Download the Teleprompter, edit the script to your satisfaction and read it.

We promise that if you do ONE A WEEK for 10 weeks, you'll never look back. Everyone in your market will know who you are and what you stand for. BTW. You stand for helping REALTORS® and their valuable Clientele.