The Six Pack Lunch & Learn System

These are the Six most popular Lunch & Learns based on REALTOR® feedback. 

Here is a Turn-Key marketing package for each Lunch & Learn in the Six Pack. Allow at least four weeks of Marketing before any REALTOR® facing event. The power of the marketing is equal to the power of the event.  The "institutional and cultural" benefits of the marketing ingratiate you to your target audience, whether they attend the event or not. 

The secret to Six Pack Success is to do one Lunch & Learn each month for six months.

Agents in Action

The Ultimate Real Estate Lunch & Learn for AnnieMac Home Mortgage. This is a complete platform overview including Simple Nexus, Reno, Cash2Keys, Buy Now, Sell Later, and How to 

Gain Access to all things AnnieMac Home Mortgage

Pet Friendly Real Estate Agent

Help your Real Estate Agents stand out from the sea of sameness in residential Real Estate. We help pet lovers, Veterans, families supporting an autistic child and the elderly navigate pet discrimination with Federal ESA, ASA, and Exotic Pet Protection. 

Introduction to Farming Fridays

An introduction to Geographic Farming System 

that generates a new $90,000 (min. wage). 

Farming Fridays is the premier Geographic Farming System for REALTORS®. Includes Scholarship to our

FREE Six Week Coaching Program for all Attendees.

Cash to Keys Certification

We are revolutionizing Real Estate Relocation with two incredible programs introduced in this 30 minute Lunch & Learn. Helping buyer's buy and seller's sell, Cash2Keys is AnnieMac's exclusive Private Equity Purchasing Partner! 

Real Estate Staging Certification

Get your Real Estate partners Staging Certified. 

Seller's are demanding more from their REALTORS, and listings are more valuable than ever. During this short Lunch & Learn we will show you  

How top REALTORS use Staging to take more listings. 

Renovation Lending Certification

HGTV has brought Renovation to the forefront of residential Real Estate. Now you can open up more inventory and create instant equity with a renovation financed entirely by AnnieMac Home Mortgage.

We support you and your buyer during every step.